Accu-Steel Introduces the Original Built-Up Beam Solution

Increasing the benefits of fabric-covered buildings

Crossover BuildingAccu-Steel Fabric Covered Building Solutions introduces the Crossover product line — the original built-up beam solution. The Crossover building is the perfect mix of a rigid steel building with the advantages of a fabric covered building, all in one structure. It is completely customizable for any industry’s need. Developed and designed by Accu-Steel, this product offers the latest technology in tension fabric covered structures and is a multipurpose, immediate, durable and economic building solution.

Similar to other buildings manufactured by Accu-Steel, the Crossover building provides excellent natural light and ventilation, and is water and weather tight, significantly reducing or eliminating moisture and bacteria growth. By reducing the need for artificial lighting and lowering energy consumption, customers may realize an increase in green practices and energy savings. In addition, the fabric cover provides indoor temperature stability — the building stays cool in summer and warm in winter.

Crossover buildings can be constructed to any desired length or width. There are no internal columns or supports, which allows utilization of the entire interior space. Side walls can be constructed to any height, providing enhanced clearance for ease of movement, loading, handling and entry/exit access. Crossover buildings can be easily relocated to new locations, similar to all Accu-Steel buildings.

Crossover solid-steel structural beams are not subject to the corrosion that frequently originates inside open-web hollow tubing. Consumers can choose from red oxide primed, powder-coated, or hot-dip galvanized steel.

Completely customizable. By utilizing a rigid steel, built-up beam structural frame, the Crossover frame provides an increase in strength, allowing for greater options and engineering additions. The biggest advantage is the wide range of width, height, length, leg height, and inside center height options, including multiple roof slope options. Building dimensions are determined by the needs of the customer and the environmental conditions of the building site.

The Crossover structure provides many options for building add-ons that were not possible before in fabric covered construction. These include eaves, dormers, gutters, standard windows, standard doors and wide-side doors. The building can also be engineered for additional loads to accommodate specific industry needs including conveyors, sprinklers, lighting, heaters, air conditioning and fans.

Perfect for any industry. Crossover buildings are highly versatile and can be adapted for many different industries including agricultural, industrial, commercial, government, military, municipal, public works operations and aviation. Crossover delivery and construction time is less than half of traditional wood or steel building construction, resulting in decreased cost and quicker turnaround.

Accu-Steel is certified with a pre-engineered code by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), which is crucial for inspections from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Crossover buildings are also 100 percent code-compliant with current Iowa Board of Certification (IBC) standards. These standards include compliance to wind and snow loads, and superior structural integrity.

The leader and the original. Accu-Steel has been in business for more than 12 years and designed the Crossover building in 2011 to meet customer and industry needs. The concept was conceived by Jason Owen, owner of Accu-Steel. This product is a key innovation in the Accu-Steel product line.




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