Grain Storage Structures

Accu-Steel’s fabric grain storage structures are engineered to meet every grain storage requirement while providing maximum strength and versatility. Grain must be stored in a dry, spacious location to prevent mold and destruction of product, so why not choose a building that’s been proven time and time again as a durable, energy-efficient, money-saving option?

Grain that is stored outdoors faces:

All these reasons mean you have a better chance if you store your grain inside. 


Choose Accu-Steel

Our grain storage buildings are perfect for whatever your operation requires. The building is specifically designed with the challenges of grain storage in mind, including additional wall anchorage to support the grain force pushing on the walls. An excellent alternative to conventional grain storage solutions, our buildings offer real air movement, flexible clear span building space, and a more consistent environment. Accu-Steel grain storage structures will help reduce your overall cost per bushel — which goes straight to your bottom line. Call today to experience the difference and receive a free quote!



Access to Protected Inventory​

Get access to your grain faster and easier with the wide open designs that Accu-Steel clear span technology offers. In addition, minimize exposure of grain and commodities to outdoor elements with larger, well-protected storage spaces.

Greater Storage Capacity

Clear span space offers excellent capacity and maneuverability due to clear span space. The lack of interior beams and supports allows maximum space for grain storage and loading area.

Best Warranty in the Industry

A 20-year steel and fabric warranty allows you to rest easy knowing that your grain and your investment is covered for years to come.

Most Durable Fabric Cover

Fabric with Enduro-Loc™ technology holds up to tough weather conditions in every season to keep stored grain dry and safe from the harsh fall and winter months into the wet, rainy springtime.

More Cost-Effective

Accu-Steel handles construction and expansion in a much more cost-effective manner due to the individual bay Keder Cover Building System and limited need for heavy equipment or extensive labor, which allows for easy maintenance and sectioning of your storage building.

Monitor Grain Conditions

Use the easy access to more efficiently monitor the condition of your stored grain and take advantage of the natural light that Accu-Steel buildings allow.



When looking for a building to store grain, ventilation can be a big concern. Our fabric buildings provide just the right level of airflow and light to ensure the best solution for your grain storage. By maintaining the right temperatures, you can count on higher quality grain. Our AdvantagePro-Advantage, and Crossover buildings can help you increase your productivity and profits and have the flexibility to accommodate all your grain storage needs.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of our fabric grain storage buildings. We manufacture the highest quality fabric buildings on the market. To view additional photos of our grain storage buildings, view our Photo Gallery.

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