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At Accu-Steel we provide our clients with industry-leading cattle buildings. We only use top-of-the-line products and technology to ensure you’re receiving the highest quality building in the market. If you are interested in learning more about our buildings, contact us today! You can also get started by requesting a quote.


Looking for a Quality cattle buildings?

Your cattle operation will see immediate benefits such as:

With all of these advantages, your production will increase. At Accu-Steel, we pride ourselves on offering the best fabric-covered buildings in the industry. If you’re in the cow/calf industry, we can help you house your livestock comfortably and efficiently. We offer custom calf shed designs for farmers and ranchers across America.

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for Cattle Buildings

If you are in the cow/calf production industry, Accu-Steel has the perfect fabric-covered buildings for your needs. Our structures are featured with 100 square feet per pair and a minimum of 24″ of bunk space, which will deliver a comfortable amount of room without wasting building space. By adding a curtain on one side and using Accu-Steel’s dual eaves and ridge vent, maintaining air quality is easy.

You can be sure that when you buy an Accu-Steel fabric-covered building, you’re getting the best quality building for your money. We want to help your profits grow and keep your livestock safe. Our buildings are made with top-of-the-line products and technology so you can be sure the structure will be standing for years to come. Browse our building styles and colors or call today to check out a cow/calf building for yourself. You won’t regret it!


Superior Ventilation

Keeping your herd dry is important, and our unique dual eaves and ridge ventilation system makes it easy to keep moisture out of your cow/calf building. Our fabric-covered buildings provide superior ventilation without allowing your cattle to be uncomfortable from windchill. 

Cutting-Edge Design

As an industry pioneer, we’re proud to manufacture innovative products that make life better for your animals. Our cow/calf buildings shield your herd from extreme weather while offering impressive versatility and comfort not found in other hoop structures. 

Durable Steel

We want you to invest in your operation with our steel buildings in complete confidence. Unlike other steel that is susceptible to corrosion, our steel trusses undergo a hot-dip galvanization process that ensures maximum durability and protection against corrosion. 

Enduro-Loc™ Fabric

Made with patented Enduro-Loc™ technology, the fabric used for our buildings is the most durable fabric cover available on the market today. Designed to withstand harsh weather, extreme temperatures, and other challenges, our fabric helps keep your cattle protected. 

Machinery Clearing

Our dual eave system offers more than ventilation and protection against moisture intrusion. With a clear span height due to dual eaves, you can safely get large machinery into and out of your building for more efficient work and care of your herd. 

Impressive Warranty

We’re committed to providing superior products for our customers. Our Enduro-Loc™ technology fabric cover is crafted for longevity, and we also offer an impressive 20-year steel and fabric warranty.



Accu-Steel fabric buildings are specifically designed for the needs of your business and the comfort of your herd. With excellent airflow and quality, your animals will remain healthy and stress-free. Our calving sheds have also been proven to lower manure management costs. If you are looking for a customizable option for your cow/calf facility, look no further. Accu-Steel has the knowledge and experience to provide you with the perfect structure for your needs and budget. Don’t hesitate to contact us today with any questions that you have.

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