Fabric Covered Building Tax & Financing Options

What Resources Are Available to Me?

There are many resources available to business and farm owners as well as municipality or government workers when it comes to purchasing an Accu-Steel Covered Building. Not only do we offer finance options, but there may be tax benefits available for the style of building that you choose to build. We want to help you find the building that’s best for you, which is why we provide a wealth of tax and financing options below so that you can be sure you made the right choice.


Extra Information Available

You don’t have to pay for the building all at once. We know that this is an expense you must take on, but it’s for a product that will last for many years. We have lease financing with flexible payment terms. We can help you get in touch with a finance manager so you can make the best payment decisions with your money.

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 Our buildings are known to save you money because of their energy-efficient design, but it can also help you when tax season comes. Your tax advisor can show you how investing in our buildings works for you, but until then, find out more here.

Accu-Steel offers one of the best fabric-covered building warranties in the industry that covers up to 20 years. To learn more about the forms and conditions, click here.

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We value transparency and open communication with you. This is why we offer so many resources on our website so that you can be fully educated before you go through the process of purchasing our buildings. If you’ve read through the information above and still have questions about anything, from purchasing to building to warranties or maintenance, give us a call today! Our customer service associates would be happy to help with whatever you need. 

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