Cattle Integrity Series
Fabric Covered Buildings

Our Cattle Integrity Series Fabric Covered Buildings

Accu-Steel cattle integrity series fabric-covered buildings are designed with your productivity and profits in mind by people who understand the cattle industry. Don’t let your profits suffer by choosing a traditional hoop building, monoslope building, or cattle barn. Accu-Steel cattle Integrity series fabric-covered buildings create a dry environment with excellent air quality for feeding cattle.

These cattle buildings are different from traditional hoop buildings and cattle barns because they’ve been designed specifically for the feed cattle industry and cattle housing. We understand and anticipate your needs. By reducing animal stress and manure management costs, our cattle buildings are engineered to put more money in your pocket.

Foundation Options: I-beams, precast concrete blocks, T-panels, L-panels, cast-in-place concrete, Jersey barriers, and others. Profiles for other options available upon request.



We are committed to giving your operation the best and most innovative options the fabric covered building industry has to offer. The pit barn designs below are designed with bunk space per head in mind. The best bunk for your building is decided by the width of your building and pit. Wider buildings work best with an H-bunk, while narrower buildings work best with a J-bunk. Utilizing these different bunks in the right design will give your cattle the most possible bunk space. 

Natural light, ventilation, and corrosion resistance are keys in having a successful cattle operation under roof. In a corrosive environment such as a pit barn our Enduro-Loc™ fabric will let in large amounts of natural light but will not mold or rot, like conventional construction. Hot-Dip Galvanized steel ensures that in a pit barn the truss will not prematurely corrode. Dual eaves and ridge vents work together with Enduro-Loc™ fabric to create 3-way airflow for superior air quality and cattle comfort.


Use our new, innovative 3D software to create the perfect fabric building suited for your specific needs.

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