Accu-Steel recreational fabric buildings provide custom-built fabric-covered buildings to customers all over the USA who specialize in a variety of industries. Our recreational  fabric buildings are the perfect alternative to a traditional steel building, and are highly durable. If you are looking to construct a new recreational building, such as an indoor tennis court, riding arena, or gymnasium, or covered pickleball court, we have the solution you need. Fabric-covered buildings are ideal for these industries because of their ventilation, quality natural lighting, and extra open space. Accu-Steel buildings are fully engineered and made of the highest quality materials. Our buildings have wide-open interiors with no support beams to obstruct the movements of players or the vision of spectators. You can be sure that when you chose an Accu-Steel building, you’re choosing a structure that will last for years to come, no matter the sport, weather, or general wear and tear.

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Why Choose Recreational Fabric Buildings from Accu-Steel?

As the most durable fabric cover on the market, our building cover fabric with Enduro-Loc™ technology can withstand intense weather conditions all year round. In addition to our fabric, our steel frames are hot-dip galvanized for ultimate weather protection and durability. We stand by our process and our products, which is why we’re confident you’ll love your building once it’s constructed. We also offer a 20-year steel and fabric warranty, the best in the industry. We want you to be covered in case anything goes wrong or the installation was subpar in any way.

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Natural Light

The fabric covers we use let in natural light that reduces energy costs and creates a healthy environment without exposing to the elements.

Clear Span Space

Large equipment can safely pass under the twin eave system, allowing for easy access to increase your productivity.

Durable Materials

Fabric with Enduro-Loc technology, the most durable fabric on the market, to hold up to the elements and keep the interior safe. We also use hot-dipped galvanized steel to protect against corrosion. 

Fabric Cover

The fabric covers on our buildings absorb noise, cutting down disturbance to the exterior. They also allow natural light to reduce energy savings and provide a healthier environment.


The versatility and flexibility of our building designs mean that they can support fire suppression systems, sprinklers, HVAC, lights, viewing platforms, ventilation, and more.

Building Options

Choose from optional straight sidewalls that allow space for overhead and exit doors and choose from multiple foundation options to fit your business needs.



Since Accu-Steel facilities can be installed quickly and easily, you can start using your new structures sooner than you would with a traditional building. When you invest in a fabric covered facility from Accu-Steel, you will receive a high-quality building that will last for years to come. All of our structures are designed to exceed the highest engineering standards and are always approved by a certified engineer. They are proven to withstand the most intense weather conditions, and our hot-dipped galvanizing process ensures that our buildings remain rust proof.

To see additional photos of Accu-Steel fabric covered buildings and fabric tension structures, view our Photo Gallery.

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