Dealer Training

Ready to Start Your Own Business?

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step and decided to become an Accu-Steel certified dealer. You’re probably excited and ready to get started on your business plan and getting to serve customers. However, even if you have experience in building or business management, Accu-Steel has a reputation and certain product quality to uphold, meaning you, the dealer, must go through a brief training period. You do not have to take all of these courses or suggestions, however, it is recommended.

We Have the Training Resources

Accu-Steel provides training and helpful tools to equip our dealers with the opportunity to have a great business. Whether you’ve owned businesses before, built similar buildings, or are just starting out, everyone can benefit from the dealer training offered by Accu-Steel. Our expert sales team will work with you on customer calls, such as how to answer the phone, how to answer questions, and how to close sales. We can also teach you how to use our pricing program so that you can give your customers accurate and up-to-date information on pricing and financing every time. Buildings are a huge investment, which is why we will also train you on how to respond to any buyer questions about everything from building specifications to industries we serve to our history as a company. When you choose to partner with Accu-Steel, you’re getting the resources to succeed. 

Accu-Steel also believes in the power of collaboration and learning from others in the business. Nobody is perfect, but everybody has knowledge that they can share, whether they’ve been in this line of work thirty years or thirty days. Dealer conferences are regularly held to encourage networking, introduce new products, provide education on new products, and recognize successful dealers. We truly believe in the success of our dealers and want you to be prepared for the changes and challenges that come in this line of work. 

Dedicated To Your Success

We are dedicated to helping grow your business, which helps us grow our business as well. Whatever resources you need, if it’s extra training or just more questions on being a dealer, we are here to help. Together we can both be successful. Give Accu-Steel a call today to learn more or to become a dealer.

If you’re more interested in the technical aspects of being a dealer, take a look at our Advantage Structure Install Guide as a helpful resource for Accu-Steel installers. 

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