Why Choose Accu-Steel to Construct Your Commodity Storage Building?

Accu-Steel commodity storage buildings are versatile and loaded with features that conventional buildings lack. With real air movement, flexible clear span building space, and a more consistent environment, our commodity storage buildings can accommodate a variety of unique requirements for your business and facility. You will never have to worry about your products:

You won’t even have to worry about adding additional lights for work during the day. Our fabric-covered buildings have plenty of natural light to save you money and energy. We promise that you’ll be so pleased with our building process, products used, and end product that you won’t want to use another type of building for your operation ever again.


Trust Accu-Steel

These covered storage buildings can be used to store bulk commodities such as rice, potatoes, sugar beets, millet, canola seed, and manure. We know that when you run a farm, it can be difficult to store all of the harvests while you wait to transfer it to its final destination. Food commodities like rice, potatoes, sugar beets, etc. will need to be kept at a certain temperature and moisture level to discourage rotting, something an Accu-Steel building is capable of doing.

Other commodities, like manure, need to be properly contained to avoid interference with other parts of the farming operation, yet in an easy to access location when it must be used. When you purchase a fabric-covered commodity storage building from Accu-Steel, you are making a fantastic investment in your company, farm, or business. Our buildings are made of the utmost quality and care in order to last a lifetime. You won’t be disappointed with the end result, but if it does happen to fail due to a fault of our own, we offer the best warranty in the industry to cover it. Call today to get started on your building plans and receive a free quote!



Easy Access

Get access to inventory with limited use of equipment or labor, and minimized exposure to outdoor elements. This also allows increased ability to monitor the condition of your grain and commodities

Clear Span Space

Get greater commodity storage capacity due to the clear span space that no interior supporting columns and posts provides.


The versatile space that Accu-Steel fabric buildings provide allow you to not only store commodities, but also the ability to store equipment in your building during non-peak seasons.

Durable Fabric

Fabric with Enduro-Loc™ technology, the most durable fabric cover available on the market, protects your commodities from harsh outside elements.

Easy Expansion

Get more cost-effective expansion due to the individual bay Keder Cover System, which allows for easy maintenance and quick, low hassle expansion.

Industry-Leading Warranty

A 20-year steel and fabric warranty, the best in the industry, leaves you reassured that your investment is sound – we believe in our products.

Crossover Series Fabric Covered Buildings



Accu-Steel AdvantagePro-Advantage, and Crossover buildings can help you to increase your productivity and profits and have the flexibility to accommodate all your covered storage building needs. Let Accu-Steel provide you with a clear span fabric structure and portable fabric building that will benefit both you and your business.

To see additional photos of Accu-Steel fabric covered storage buildings, clear span fabric structures, portable fabric buildings, commercial storage buildings, and fabric tension structures, take a look at our Photo Gallery.

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