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Not all fabric structures are created equal. Accu-Steel works hard to provide you with the best quality fabric structures to perfectly fit your needs. Consider the fabric structures FAQ below to help ensure you’re making the right choice.

Accu-Steel Fabric Structures FAQ

At Accu-steel, we only use Enduro-Loc™ fabric on all our buildings. This material is the heaviest in the fabric structures industry. Enduro-Loc™ fabric provides state-of-the-art, Enduro-Loc™ technology

While the performance and reliability of your fabric structures are probably your highest priority, you also want a building that looks good, matching the look and feel of the rest of your operation. With Accu-Steel, you can choose from many different colors to help set your business apart from the rest. Standard colors are shown on the right (clear is also available but not shown).

The industry-leading Accu-Steel warranty sets us apart from the competition by covering both the steel and the building fabric for 20 years. At Accu-Steel, we never cut corners on quality, which is why we can confidently offer the best warranty in the industry.

At Accu-Steel, we have intentionally made the decision to have all our fabric structures certified by an independent third-party engineer. We feel this extra step provides our customers with the highest possible level of trust and peace of mind.

At Accu-Steel, our Enduro-Loc™ technology is used only as a building fabric cover — nothing more. We never use it to help calculate the structural integrity of our fabric structures or brace our steel trusses. Other manufacturers do this to save money. We don’t. Again, it’s about not cutting corners.

To truly have a fully engineered galvanized building, every component of your building must be engineered to ensure maximum performance and structural integrity. This is precisely what Accu-Steel does for each and every fabric structure we create.

Some manufacturers don’t combine snow accumulation and wind when designing their fabric covered buildings. This can be a dangerous practice, especially under certain temperature and humidity conditions. At Accu-Steel, we always consider combined snow and wind loads and design our buildings according to the building codes for the area of the structure.

Some manufacturers like to promote that they have installed X million sq. ft. of fabric buildings and have “hundreds of years” of combined experience. While Accu-Steel has enough experience to stack up against any other manufacturer, we prefer to measure our success by the satisfaction of each individual customer.

As you can tell by our answers to the questions above, we care about our customers and their satisfaction. You can be sure that you’re receiving the best value for your money when you choose Accu-Steel for all your fabric-covered building needs. 

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