Fabric swine housing from Accu-Steel can increase both the comfort of your livestock as well as your profits. We provide industry-leading building options to help keep your hogs safe. We have various designs and layouts that can meet any operational needs. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to give us a call! 

Why Choose an Accu-Steel Swine housing?

Raising healthy and productive swine is your top priority and fabric-covered swine housing from Accu-Steel Inc. can help you do just that. As with any other species, stress reduction is imperative to maintaining health and reducing the likelihood of disease in swine. A proven technique for stress reduction is effective housing that provides protection against harsh elements while still allowing for natural light and fresh air. Accu-Steel’s impressive fabric-covered buildings deliver all of these things and more.

With our selection of expertly engineered fabric-covered buildings, you don’t have to worry that your swine aren’t well protected and you don’t have to worry about stressed-out and sickly animals. From the materials we use to construct our buildings to the industry-leading warranty we offer, you can count on Accu-Steel to deliver superior swine housing for your herd. Because pigs are intelligent, your building needs to be constructed in a way that makes escape difficult, and we’re here to help. We understand the challenges that come with raising swine and our fabric-covered swine buildings protect your pigs while also protecting the productivity and profitability of your operation. 

Our buildings are created with the comfort of the livestock as well as profits in mind. Our fabric-covered buildings offer:

These features help keep your hogs safe and comfortable in every season. Our swine buildings are designed to be extremely versatile, giving you the option to add barriers, stalls, end doors, and more.


Choose Accu-Steel

Our buildings are made to help you maintain your swine and save/make more money in the process. Our materials are the highest quality and our process is quick and effective. You can be sure that an Accu-Steel fabric-covered swine building will last for years to come, no matter the demands of the job or the weather conditions. If you’re thinking of a new building for your hog operation, contact us today or browse the building styles below.


Easy Management​

Maintaining a healthy litter is time-consuming, so the last thing you want is to spend significant amounts of time on building maintenance. Our fabric-covered sheep housing requires little maintenance, letting you focus your time on more important tasks. 


Our swine housing fabric-covered buildings are available in a number of open floor plan layouts. With tons of clear space, your hogs will have plenty of room to be comfortable and roam around, and because our buildings don’t require beams or columns, you can design the interior of your swine housing in a way that works best for your operation. 

Hot Dip Galvanizing

Durability and protection against the elements are not only important to your swine, but also to the integrity of your fabric-covered building. For this reason, we use a unique hot-dip galvanization process that provides maximum protection against highly corrosive conditions, such as those in hog environments.

Health Benefits

Our Enduro-Loc™ fabric covers allow natural light to shine through, while still protecting your hogs from the elements. Having lots of natural light can also help you reduce your energy costs. Additionally, our unique fabric covers provide superior ventilation, allowing your swine to receive fresh air without exposure to the elements. 

Machinery Clearing

Our dual eave system offers more than ventilation and protection against moisture intrusion. With a clear span height due to dual eaves, you can safely get large machinery into and out of your building for more efficient work and care of your swine. 


Fabric buildings are incredibly versatile and easy to customize. With our variety of design options, you can easily build additions to your fabric-covered buildings, or add special features such as sliding doors, overhead lights, fans, and more.



Fabric swine buildings offer many advantages over your typical metal building or pole barn. They are especially beneficial for livestock as they require little maintenance. Our fabric buildings have a skeleton of hot-dipped galvanized steel that protects the building from corrosion. With the most durable fabric cover and an industry-leading warranty, these buildings will last for generations to come.

As the leading experts in livestock housing, Accu-Steel understands the needs of your industry and works according to them. Call us today to learn more about fabric buildings for swine housing.

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