Accu-Steel Unveils Building Design Tool

Design Your Own Fabric Covered Building

Accu-Steel recently unveiled a brand-new online software that allows you to design your own building.

This new building design software is just the beginning of what we would like to accomplish. The only profile available at this time is the Advantage Series (high profile and standard). These buildings are our most common and most versatile, therefore they are the first line we wanted to make accessible with this new software.

Future Plans for Building Design Tool

In the future, we plan to add multiple profiles to the custom building software. Imagine designing your own Integrity Series building using your own dimensions and vision. Ideally, we would like the ability to design the interior of cattle barns as well as the exterior, including feed alleys, bunks, pens, and more.

How Our Building Software Works

Currently, this online 3D building designer allows you to choose what features you want your building to be made of. First, select your width and length (be sure to hit the refresh button when changing your width). Then, find the foundation that best suits your needs. Consider what you will be using the building for.

After you pick a foundation, choose your cover style and color. Each cover style provides different advantages. Then, determine your end walls. You can select to have open ends or enclose them with an overhead door opening and/or a walk door. After you have your building looking just the way you envisioned, you can print off a picture and submit a request for more information.

You also have the option to make size comparisons when you add the truck and person to your screen. After you add the person, select the walk button and walk in and around the building using the arrows on your keyboard.

Get Started With Your Custom Design Today

Want to start creating your custom building now? Click here to get started.  




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