Taking the Business in a New Direction

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hay storage fabric buildingIowa Agricultural Bio Fibers (IABF) in Harlan, Iowa, specializes in the production of all-natural livestock feed, animal bedding, bio-fuel pellets, planting mulches, and conditioners. Through several unique processing techniques, IABF utilizes crop residue and other natural by-products to provide customers with pelleted products that have exceptional fiber, protein, and nutrient content.

John Schechinger, president and co-founder, bought the company’s first fabric-covered building about 20 years ago. After discovering that the quality of feed was much better when stored in a fabric-covered building, he took the entire business in that direction.

Fabric Covered Buildings for a New Direction

In the beginning, Schechinger thought all fabric-covered building manufacturers were the same. When he first looked to install a fabric-covered building, the price of Accu-Steel structures was a factor in his decision-making process. With the Accu-Steel name growing and a new streamlined production process, the company has increased product options and decreased the overall cost of ownership, while still producing a superior product. For Schechinger, the resulting high-quality structure he purchased was well worth the investment, and no additional dollars have been spent on maintenance.

“You don’t know what you’re missing until you experience a hoop building for yourself,” he says. “If you’ve ever been in a hoop building and a steel building, you’ll find that the hoop building is more comfortable. Most people who use outdoor storage or steel buildings don’t realize their losses, and it’s because they’ve never had it any other way. There’s natural light and room for air to circulate so moisture can escape. Something about it just feels better,” he says.

Agriculture BioFibers Case StudySchechinger also had to consider how the new building would work with the rest of his operation, which included fitting as much storage as possible on his property, having it look good, and making sure it was safe. According to Schechinger, “Accu-Steel structures are good, sound buildings that are going to be here for a long time. And maintenance is minimal; all you have to do is keep the cover tight.”

Since purchasing his first Advantage – Standard Profile 80 ft. by 154 ft. structure, Schechinger has installed an identical building. “From consultation to final construction, the projects went great,” he says. “I was impressed with the crew; they built them right and got each job done in good time. I wouldn’t complain a bit. I’m sure they’re going to be selling me more buildings in the future.”

Overall, Schechinger notes that the versatility and quality of his Accu-Steel buildings have increased the productivity of the IABF operation and led to a reduction in inventory shrink due to environmental conditions.




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