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President Owen Interviewed by News Director Anderson

Brownfield Ag News radio interviewJason Owen, president of Accu-Steel, recently had the opportunity to share the story of servicing the agriculture market and growing a company from local to international service during an interview with Brownfield Ag News Director Ken Anderson.

Owen shed light on the growing fabric-covered solutions industry, discussing how many cattle producers are taking an interest in fabric-covered buildings in an effort to comply with EPA/DNR regulations. Owen and Anderson also discussed how fabric-covered solutions are helping cattle producers realize more consistent gains, reduce time to market and increase profitability.

“Our buildings create a constant environment for cattle, so you have a better predictor of days on feed,” Owen says. “That allows you to have a more consistent performance,” he added, “taking all of the weather variables — from sun and summer heat to rain or winter storms — and minimizing them.”

Owen is a sixth-generation farmer and shared how the company that was founded on his family’s Century Farm outside of Templeton remains there today, but has grown to service customers well beyond the neighboring farmers it once began with.

“We’re a nice Iowa homegrown type of business,” Owen said during his interview with Anderson. “We have grown nationally, and have actually started to do some different types of buildings overseas now, but everything we sell is built right there at my farm outside of Templeton, Iowa, by a group of excellent craftsmen.”

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