Accu-Steel Moves Into the Spotlight

Accu-Steel Crossover Building in Las Vegas, NV

Crossover Building in Las VegasAccu-Steel fabric-covered buildings are mostly known for their presence in the Midwest for a variety of applications including cattle and agriculture operations, and for storage applications involving grain, commodities, salt, sand, equipment and more. Though these buildings are most frequently used within applications such as these, Accu-Steel is proud to announce a new structure erected for a truly unique and exciting purpose.

Built in late May next to the Monté Carlo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nv., stands an 800-seat Accu-Steel Crossover building. World-famous dance crew Jabbawockeez will begin performing its celebrated MÜS.I.C show under the fabric-covered pavilion starting the first week in July through September. Fans and Las Vegas tourists attending the shows will have the unique experience of an outside venue, offering abundant natural light and cooler temperatures with zero obstructions to the stage.

Crossover Building Dance Crew Theatre in Las VegasAccu-Steel completed construction of the pavilion in approximately one week. With world-class support and customer service, Accu-Steel will ensure the structure maintains its high-quality characteristics throughout its summer use. This new pavilion in Las Vegas is another example of the versatility and unique application solutions fabric-covered buildings provide.

Jabbawockeez is a seven-member, male, hip-hop dance crew best known for winning the first season of America’s Best Dance Crew.




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