Iowa State Fair

Accu-Steel will be present this year at the Iowa State Fair in more than one location! We’ve donated a building to the Blue Ribbon Foundation. We conducted an internal interview with President of Accu-Steel, Jason Owen, to get the details on this new building!

Did you approach the Iowa State Fair or did they approach you for this new project?

“We approached them to see if there were any projects Accu-Steel could help with. They came back and said ‘yes, we have this need’. It was an easy decision – this is a need that fits inside what we want to be associated with. That is when we decided we would donate a building to the Blue Ribbon Foundation.”

How did you come about your decision to donate this building?

“My wife, Alison, and I have been looking at a way to give back to the fair as it is something we have enjoyed together since we were dating. We wanted to look for an opportunity to use our products at the fair. We understood that the fair was spending a lot of money on the Jacobson building for the arena footing and needed a way to store it when they have equestrian events. So, they were looking for a place to stockpile the material outside without it getting wet and losing the value. Our buildings work perfectly for that. They have nice tall sidewalls to be able to run loader equipment inside. The building’s natural light and ventilation will keep the footing material dry and usable for multiple events at the Iowa State Fair and beyond. So, it was a perfect fit for us to be a part of that project and we are very happy to be donating the building to the Blue Ribbon Foundation.”

Where is this new building located?

“Well, it is one of those important buildings that people won’t necessarily see when they are on the fairgrounds. This is a support building to the south of Dean Ave. It is on Iowa State Fair property and it allows them to be more efficient and actually save or make money for the fair organization. It may not be a building people see regularly but it is a building that will definitely help make a difference to the overall operation of the fair.”

What style of building is it and what are the dimensions? Why was this profile chosen?

“The building is 62’ x 208’ and is our new Integrity style building which is a gable shape fabric structure. It’s got very tall sidewalls and a peak shape so it looks more like a traditional barn vs. a round hoop building. I think the Iowa State Fair chose this profile because it was something that was more modern looking and fit well into the architecture of the area it was going and would also perform very well for what they needed it to do.”

How many buildings will Accu-Steel have at the Iowa State Fair this year?

“We worked on a project several years ago with the original Olympic Pavilion which is a place where the local television station broadcast the Olympics during the Iowa State Fair back in 2008. Today, most people know it as the Iowa craft beer tent. We’ve left it up permanently for people to be able to use. We will also have our display building which will be in a new location this year, by the west entrance/exit to the Sky-Glider. Then, we have the permanent structure up by Dean Avenue to support the Jacobson Riding Arena. So that will be a total of three buildings at the Iowa State Fair this year.”

What is your favorite part of the fair?

“I would say, probably the number of people that we see year in and year out. It is kind of like a family reunion where you get to pick your family. You get to see the people that want to see you. It’s a time where our dealers and corporate people from the office get interaction with the individuals that provide feedback on our products and that is important to us. What works and what doesn’t. How our buildings are making a difference in their operations whether it’s for farming to industrial applications. The uses for our buildings can go on and on.”

Summary –

You can find Accu-Steel representatives at the Iowa State Fair August 10th through the 20th in the demo building near the West entrance/exit to the Sky-Glider. Click here to learn what other options we have available for equestrians.




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