Versatile Buildings Lead to Accelerated Profits

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fabric covered lambing building thumbnailCustomized buildings — that’s what Accu-Steel is all about. Tom Schechinger fits this mold with the first Accu-Steel building of its kind. With a lambing operation in Harlan, Iowa, Schechinger knew that a fabric-covered building was the correct choice to help increase annual lambing output.

Several years ago, Schechinger’s traditional steel building was damaged in a storm. The event is now viewed as a blessing in disguise, as it allowed for the construction of his two Accu-Steel buildings. An Advantage 50 ft. by 240 ft. building was assembled for lambing, along with an Advantage 50 ft. by 50 ft. building for the storage of commodities.

Accelerate Profits with Versatile Buildings

What makes Schechinger’s lambing building so unique is its 8-foot raised slatted deck. This deck allows for a healthier environment for the sheep while providing comfortable work days for him. “My buildings offer constant productivity; the animals and myself are not affected by weather extremes,” said Schechinger. For example, during the colder months, he uses the animals’ body heat to warm the building; and during the summer he uses fans — the fans can create up to a four-mile-per-hour wind.

With the ability to control temperature and light in his lambing building, Schechinger has seen an increase in annual lamb births each year. His building has a 2,000 head capacity, and on average 850 ewes are giving birth at an accelerated rate under the roof of Schechinger’s Accu-Steel building.

fabric covered lambing building Tom SchechingerAlong with the lambing building, a commodity building is located on the property. Schechinger uses the building to store equipment and up to a month’s worth of feed. This feed includes ground corn stover and soybean hulls.

When asked why Schechinger chose Accu-Steel, he replied, “The light that transmits through the building, climate control, high-quality structures, the ease of working with the company, and the fact it’s fully engineered.”

Ever since the installation of his two buildings, Schechinger has been happy with the functionality and durability of his Accu-Steel structures. They have allowed him to better protect and manage his flock while increasing the health of the sheep, and most importantly — increasing the number of lambs marketed each year.




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