After the Storm

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military training buildingMost of us know how destructive tornadoes can be. Glen Arrington, government divisional manager of a joint U.S. military training facility in Fort Leonard Wood, MO, knows firsthand. Arrington works on estimates and approves contracts for the projects he oversees. The facility he manages houses several different divisions of the United States military.

Re-Building After the Storm

On New Year’s Eve 2010, a tornado destroyed the already erected Accu-Steel fabric covered buildings, leaving one completely destroyed and the other damaged. After the devastation, the government placed top priority on the refurbishment of these projects. Because these buildings were originally built by Accu-Steel, the ability to restore the destroyed building and build another one to expected quality standards made the decision to again work with them worry-free.

“Accu-Steel met with the government and recommended the structural framing to be used along with their overall suggestions for what needed to be replaced and altered in the building replacement. Because the government went along with their recommendations, the fabric covered buildings were given a new manufacturer’s warranty,” says Arrington.

Military Case StudyIn March of 2011, both buildings were fully constructed with their original dimensions (70 ft. by 120 ft. and 70 ft. by 180 ft.). The buildings are used while training personnel in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. “The troops use the buildings to get out of the heat and the rain in summer and out of the cold in winter. Overall this makes training operations more efficient, as troops can’t train when the weather is presenting suboptimal conditions,” explains Arrington.

From the time of the devastation of the tornado to working with governmental requirements and the construction of the buildings, Arrington says the process with Accu-Steel was successful. The effort made by Accu-Steel to work with the government and meet their guidelines was appreciated.





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