Mobile Sales Office

Accu-Steel recently launched our new mobile sales office at the Nation Cattle Housing & Management Symposium in Sioux Falls, SD on March 30th, 2017. President of Accu-Steel, Jason Owen, attended the symposium and learned even more about cattle buildings and cattle management. Jason is constantly looking for new information to help us be the best in the industry by understanding the cattle business.

Why a Mobile Sales Office?Accu-steel mobile sales office

This mobile sales office will allow us to, essentially, “pop-up” anywhere and have a nice, cozy atmosphere to conduct business. We will be utilizing it often in the next several months at fairs, open houses, trade shows, etc.

Where are we going next?

Our next stop will be at the North American Snow Conference (NASC) in Des Moines toward the end of April. Stay tuned for details!




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