Nebraska Cow/Calf Symposium

Upcoming Event

AFAN logo thumbnailOn March 22 and 23, 2016, in Columbus, NE, AFAN (Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska) in conjunction with Accu-Steel, Inc. and their dealer, Central Confinement Services, are hosting a 2-day seminar on the benefits of fabric cover buildings and confinement structures used to expand cow herds. This symposium will provide insight required to consider placing your cow/calf operation, deep pitted barn facilities, and cattle finishing operations under cover as a viable beef production model for the future.

The program speakers include Morgan Hayes, University of IL Extension; Kelly Jones, Cactus Feeders; Jason Warner, Great Plains Consulting, and others. Attendees will tour a Deep Pitted Barn Operation, Bed Pack Background/Finish structures and a Cow/Calf to Finishing facility. Confinement facilities have been proven to increase efficiency, grow revenue and bring the next generation back to the farm. Accu-Steel, Inc. has a wide range of profiles to fit every application.





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