Our Mission Is Built Around You

At Accu-Steel, we’re always working to evolve. Our company has been around since 1995, and over the last 30 years, we’ve innovated our building technology, customer expertise, and product offerings to work harder for you. 


Because we know that when you come to Accu-Steel, you’re looking for more than a vendor for your building project. And we don’t take that for granted.


Accu-Steel is Built Around You.

We know that any building you need for your operation is not just a structure. It’s an investment. And it’s a big one. So, you need a trusted partner — one who provides valuable expertise, knows your industry, and thoroughly understands how you work. 


Accu-Steel delivers that and so much more. Because our entire approach is Built Around You and what’s important to you.


Built Around You is our new rallying cry, our call to action that unites us around everything we do. For us, it means that we want to be part of the solution for our customers and dealer partners, regardless of what that solution is. 


Built Around You = your needs come first. Always. 

Across the construction and manufacturing industries, it’s common for companies to only focus on what they know/sell. They may hit a quota, but you’re left with a product that’s subpar for the way you work.

We don’t shoehorn solutions. Instead, we want to understand your desired outcome for your business before we even begin a quote. 


“I love it when someone wants to work with Accu-Steel, but here’s the thing — if we’re working through your needs and it turns out that we’re not the right fit, I’m not going to force you into a solution,” says John Klehn, general manager at Accu-Steel. “I can sell you a building, sure, but I’d rather act as a trusted consultant than a pushy salesman any day.” 


More often than not, we can create a completely custom solution that fits your specific project needs. That’s what Built Around You means to us.


We stay committed to being Built Around You in three main ways: 


1. We’re genuinely helpful — we WANT you to get what YOU need.

We are farm-founded. And those hard-working down-to-earth values come through in everything we do. We respect our customers. And each other. At Accu-Steel there are no suits. There is no selling. Just true partnership. That means we always answer the phone – we’re always here for you.


2. We innovate to solve challenges and bring YOU the best solutions.

We are engineer-driven. That means we love a challenge. And we love solving them even more, with innovative ideas that are thoughtful, practical, and precise. Our can-do spirit drives us to design solutions that make your life easier, better, and more profitable.


3. We know our stuff — and then some — so YOU don’t have to sweat it. 

Our 40 years of intellectual property means we have unparalleled expertise in the building and manufacturing industry. And yet, we’re always working to learn more. That means listening and learning from you to build exactly what you need. We deliver a space that’s functional, practical, and always helpful.


When you need a building solution that will protect your livelihood and find new ways to gain efficiency, Accu-Steel is a better way to work. With responsive expertise, superior quality structures, and innovative engineering, we design reliable structures that are always Built Around You.


Have a need for a custom building? Give us a call at: 1-877-338-6936




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