Seamlessly Integrate your Fabric Covered Cattle Building into your Existing Operation

Cattle Building
Cattle producers using Accu-Steel fabric-covered buildings operate in many ways. Some producers utilize their cattle building all year long, while others use their building for harsh weather months or the calving season.
Research done by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln shows that grazing corn residues can benefit both cattle and crop producers. They said, as a general rule of thumb, the average 1,300-pound gestating cow can graze for 30 days per 100 bushels.

Keep the Cattle Building Feed Costs Down

Producers looking to incorporate an Accu-Steel fabric-covered building can utilize corn stalk grazing in conjunction with their building for the calving months to care for their cattle in a cost-effective way that benefits their future crops, too. Producers can control their feed costs by allowing cows to graze stalks while continuing to allow calves to be backgrounded in the building or utilize their building in other aspects of their operation.
You can read more about the article by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln here. https://bit.ly/3TwVkke




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