Testimonial: Nina’s Pennsylvania Riding Arena

As a company, we love hearing stories from our customers about how much they are enjoying their fabric covered buildings. Nina, the owner of an Accu-Steel fabric covered building, tells the details about her riding arena that was built on her farm in Pennsylvania.

More Than Just a Riding Arena

Originally, Nina was looking for a place to ride her horse in the winter and economically store her hay. However, she discovered that her riding arena was perfect for the summer months as well. What was supposed to be a space just to ride in the winter quickly became a building that could be used all year. Nina says,

“I had the building constructed so I could ride all winter long, but I had no idea how comfortable it would be in the heat of the summer. I have both ends open, and the breeze in the summer, along with the shade, makes it feel like you are riding in an air-conditioned space.  The high ceiling also makes it ideal to unload and store hay.”

The Hunt for the Perfect Riding Arena

Nina did extensive research to make sure she chose the right company to build her indoor riding arena. Here’s why she chose a 70’ x 200’ fabric building from Accu-Steel:

“After 2 years of shopping and talking to several other companies about their buildings, I felt it was the strongest built for a comparable price. Also, because Log Cabin Fence (an Accu-Steel dealer) is a local company with a good reputation, I felt confident that we could trust them to do a professional job.”

Why Choose Accu-Steel Fabric Riding Arenas?

Accu-Steel fabric covered riding arenas have wide-open interiors with no supports or beams to obstruct the movements of animals or riders. They are ideal for equestrian riding because of the flexibility and durability they provide. Our buildings offer a comfortable riding space in the heat of summer and the cold of winter. These are just a few of the reasons why Nina invested in her own riding arena in Pennsylvania. Learn more about the Accu-Steel Advantage here!

Nina’s Advice

Thanks to Accu-Steel, Nina is able to enjoy her indoor riding arena all year round! In addition to the comfort the building provides, the increased storage space for hay has expanded their business.

Here is Nina’s advice for someone who is looking for an equine facility – “Compare snow loads, compare the construction of the posts and the spacing of the posts and research the history of competing building and companies. And with all construction jobs, always make sure you get a good reference for your contractor.”

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