Top 3 Cattle Barn Designs & Layouts

Cattle Barn Designs

When it comes to building a cattle barn, people in the cattle industry are looking for an innovative cattle barn designs that will provide a healthy environment for their herd, bringing optimum cattle comfort which ultimately produces the most profits.

If you are looking for the best cattle barn designs or layout for your livestock, Accu-Steel has the answer for you. We have three professionally designed cattle building profiles to choose from, each created by knowledgeable experts that know the cattle industry and understand your needs.

Engineered with your productivity and profits in mind, our cattle buildings are the perfect choice for all types of operations: beef cattle housing, cow/calf operations, cattle feeding barns, dairy cow facilities, and more. By reducing animal stress and manure management costs, our cattle barns are designed to put more money in your pocket.

Why You Need a Fabric Hoop Building for Your Cattle Operation

Accu-Steel specializes in fabric hoop buildings for cattle operations all over the country. As an industry expert, we understand the needs of your cattle and have engineered our buildings to provide optimal cattle comfort. Here are the benefits included with our fabric covered cattle barns:

  • Corrosion Resistant – We hot-dip galvanize all of our steel post-fabrication to protect your building from corrosion.
  • Expansion Options – Traditional monoslope buildings limit space for your cattle. Our fabric covered hoop buildings have high arch ceilings and can easily be expanded to accommodate your growing herd.
  • Natural Light – Fabric covered buildings offer incredible amounts of natural light, creating a healthy environment for your herd while still protecting them from harsh climates.
  • Constant Ventilation – The most important thing when it comes to cattle housing is providing an environment with healthy, fresh air for your cattle. With ridge vents and eaves, our cattle buildings provide constant fresh air movement even when conditions are not windy.
  • Weather Resistant – Our fabric buildings are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, including intense wind, snow, and rainfall.
  • EnduroLoc™ Fabric Cover – We use the highest quality fabric cover on the market, backed with a 20-year warranty: the best you’ll find in the industry.
  • Dry & Consistent Environment – Our cattle buildings provide a consistent environment for your cattle, keeping them cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Traditional steel buildings for cattle create condensation that drips onto the cattle, their feed, and their bedding. Our fabric buildings resist moisture and our dual eaves keep your cattle safe from rain.

The Crossover, Cattle Advantage, and Cattle Integrity Series are our most fitting styles for cattle housing. All of the building designs have ridge vents and eaves.

The Crossover Series

The Crossover Series is one of our most popular designs since it is the most reminiscent of the cattle barns we are all most familiar with. These covered buildings can be customized to any shape or size to suit your needs.

The clear span space allows for large capacity and maximum usability, with no inner beams to obstruct space.

Depending on the layout you choose, you could have a drive alley to make feeding and bedding easier under the comfort of the roof. Another layout option is to have your feed bunk and drive alley on the outside of the cattle housing. If you choose the Crossover design for your cattle barn, consider adding eaves to keep the weather out for optimal cattle comfort.

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The Cattle Advantage Series

This is the most common design for Accu-Steel beef cattle barns. The Cattle Advantage Series is designed specifically for your cattle feeding facility needs.

The Cattle Advantage buildings create a dry environment with excellent air quality for beef cattle. With ridge ventilation and dual eves, this cattle building evacuates moisture without creating a wind chill, keeping cattle clean, dry, and healthy. Your herd will stay cooler in the summer and dry all year round.

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The Cattle Integrity Series

This is our latest and greatest design! Several producers are intrigued by this design mostly because of its ascetics. It has similar features and versatility when compared to the Cattle Advantage Series but has a subtle peak in the center which brings to mind the Crossover Series.

With the ridge vents and dual eaves, the Cattle Integrity Series will also keep your cattle comfortable all year.

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Why Choose Accu-Steel for Cattle Housing & Facilities?

All of Accu-Steel’s buildings are designed with your operation in mind. We are here to help you plan a layout for your building but, at the end of the day, it is YOUR beef cattle barn and you need to choose a layout that works best for you! Just keep in mind, do your research and don’t let your profits suffer by choosing a traditional hoop building, cattle barn, or monoslope building. We strive to provide you with the most fitting solution and continuously look for ways to advance.




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