5 Reasons to Choose Accu-Steel for Fabric Buildings

Integrity Series Fabric Covered Buildings

Accu-Steel is the leading manufacturer of fabric buildings in the USA. From agriculture buildings to grain storage solutions, to industrial buildings, we do it all! All of our products are manufactured at our Templeton, Iowa facility. Our experts work hard to ensure that every component of our buildings is constructed with excellence so that we can provide our customers with the highest performing fabric buildings in the industry.

We believe that we have the highest quality product on the market to offer you when it comes to fabric buildings.

With so many fabric building manufacturers out there, here’s why you should choose Accu-Steel for your fabric building:

1. Industry Knowledge

Our fabric buildings are manufactured by people who understand your industry and know the needs that you have. Whether you have a cattle operation or store commodities like salt and fertilizer, you can be sure that your fabric building is designed for your specific needs. Our industry professionals take all of your standards into consideration and will provide you with the most efficient fabric building that will profit your business!

2. Professional Engineering

When it comes to our fabric buildings, we don’t cut corners. We believe in quality over quantity, and don’t mass produce our buildings at the lowest cost as many companies do. All of our fabric buildings are manufactured according to the highest building standards and can be approved and stamped by licensed engineers. They are built to withstand your area’s wind and snow loads as well.

3. Hot Dip Galvanized Steel

We use hot dip galvanizing to completely encase the steel in zinc after it’s been fabricated, making it impervious to the elements. All of the steel in every building is dipped and we offer a stainless steel package to protect your investment even more. Our strong steel bracing system and weather-tight fabric are the perfect combinations for an extremely high-quality structure.

4. “Customer First” Mindset

Our staff here at Accu-Steel is dedicated to giving you a wonderful experience from start to finish. We provide honest estimates and quick installation!

5. The Best Warranty on the Market

You’ve heard us talk about our dedication to quality and our commitment to providing you the best fabric buildings on the market. To back it up, we offer the best warranty in the industry: 20 years on the fabric and the steel. We want to help you maintain and protect your investments! Here is a link to our limited warranty and maintenance schedule.




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