Support for AFAN

Accu-Steel recently contributed to AFAN by renewing our membership! We are passionate about supporting organizations that are dedicated to nourishing the agriculture industry.

About Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska (AFAN)

AFAN is an organization that supports the growth of Nebraska livestock and agriculture statewide. They do this by working closely with communities and sharing agricultural knowledge to help farmers make informed decisions. Alliance for the Future of Agriculture in Nebraska was created in 2005 by agricultural organizations in Nebraska. Their goal is to conduct outreach and promotion and provide information to consumers. These organizations also address the need to advance livestock development and agriculture as well as the food processing businesses in Nebraska. AFAN has been focused on encouraging the development of livestock and working with communities and leaders to create opportunities for industries that add value to Nebraska’s agricultural output and energize the economy.

Follow this link to learn more about AFAN and what events they have coming up: http://becomeafan.org/




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