A Fabric Building? In This Neck of the Woods?

If you are thinking about adding a new storage facility to your property, you may have come across a fabric building option like those offered by Accu-Steel. If you haven’t seen one of these buildings, you may wonder if it can hold up to the harsh environment in your area.

fabric buildings stand up to the weatherIt doesn’t matter what your concern is, an Accu-Steel building is a great option for storage buildings. They are designed and constructed to withstand wind, snow, flooding, heat, and other environmental influences. From beginning to end, our engineers and builders make sure that the buildings are constructed and adapted not just to your needs, but to the locale that it will be built.

The same considerations of safety, adaptability, efficiency, and usefulness go into the design and construction of an Accu-Steel fabric building as goes into a metal structure. We don’t take shortcuts and treat every building as if it were for our own use.

The Impact of Climate

No matter where you are located, we can all agree that the weather can be a little different. Your building has to be able to stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

High Winds

Although a nice breeze can make a day more enjoyable, high straight line winds or twisters can quickly damage equipment and structures. Depending on the area around your property, wind can have a big impact on your buildings.

Your building can be engineered for the wind load in your area. Accu-Steel wants to make sure that your building is around for a long time and gives you a great return on investment.

Snowstorms and Blizzards

You never really know what kind of snowfall amount you’re going to get from winter to winter. In addition, the kind of snowfall matters, too. A foot of fluffy snow weighs a lot less than a foot of wet, slushy snow. This weight can put a lot of pressure on the roof and overhangs.

Flat roofs have more trouble with heavy snowfall amounts than rounded fabric roofs. Snow usually just slides off the fabric material of an Accu-Steel building, minimizing the damage that can occur. If your area gets a lot of snow, we can recommend a style that will help with keeping it off your roof. Your building can be engineered for the snow load in your area.

Protect Your Investment

In addition to the cost of the building, you have to take into consideration the equipment and inventory that is stored inside. A fabric building will give you strength, adaptability, and flexibility, protecting your business and property from weather-related problems.

Contact Accu-Steel to learn more about the types of buildings we offer and what the best options are for your individual needs and preferences. We look forward to providing you with a great looking building that makes your life easier and more efficient.




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