Garage and Shop Testimonial

Accu-Steel Fabric Covered Buildings recently sat down with Bob Hudson and Sue Behrens to talk about their new storage building.

The building is 40′ x 40′ and sits atop storage containers. The containers are also 40′ long and are on both sides of the building.

A storage container makes a unique base, so why did they choose to go this route?

Hudson stated that they were trying to figure out what to do for sidewalls, as they didn’t want the building sitting on the ground. He talked to Accu-Steel about using the containers and the storage containers were about the same price as an 8′ wall. 

The containers allowed them to have even more useful areas. They use one container as a tool room and the other as a storage area.

They needed a new building to use for storage and were familiar with Accu-Steel’s work.

The property had a machine shed and some other buildings that were falling into disrepair. A dilapidated grain silo was torn down and the new Accu-Steel Fabric Building was installed there. Hudson was familiar with Accu-Steel buildings from other people they knew that had them and were impressed with the looks and usefulness of the buildings.

They use the new building as a garage, also, protecting their vehicles and equipment from the elements. Not having to scrape the ice off your windows is just another bonus! 

The extra room they get with their Accu-Steel building is a big benefit.

A benefit of the extra room is that they no longer have to work on projects in the driveway since they now have a work space that offers shade and protection from wind and rain. If a project is unfinished, they can just shut the doors and return to it later without having to pick up everything and take it inside. In addition, the natural light that enters the area keeps the building warmer than the outside temperature without having to use a heater. 

Hudson completed the building in June of 2017 and even used the building as a backup in case there was bad weather for his 4th of July party.

He highly recommends anyone looking for a new building to check out an Accu-Steel fabric building. The space is adaptable to many needs and situations and the construction is sturdy and stable. Hudson thought that the wind might have been a problem before he bought his, but says that there is no wind issue at all. “When you’re in here and the wind is blowing like crazy, you don’t hear it rippling or anything!”

If you’d like to learn more about the buildings Accu-Steel offers, contact us today. We are ready to answer any questions you may have.




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