Iowa County Engineers Conference

Upcoming Event

One of Accu-Steel’s amazing dealers, Brent Strahm with Greenfield Contractors, will be attending the Iowa County Engineers Conference (ICEA). Members of the county engineering staff find this conference provides information to aid them in the design, construction, and operation of the transportation system in the county. You will learn about innovations in concrete and asphalt pavements as well as gravel road and shoulder stabilization. Attending this conference will provide discussions regarding cement modified soil design and construction as well as sustainable paving and stringless paving and much more!

Consultants, equipment, and material vendors find the Iowa County Engineers Conference (ICEA) to be the place to make direct contact with those in charge of county procurement of equipment and services. Strahm will be attending the conference to learn, just like you, and he will be a great source to discuss our buildings and the benefits they provide to salt, sand, and deicing storage as well as equipment storage. Stop by the booth to find out more!

Salt/Sand Conference building with semis inside

When and Where

We will be there December 6-7, 2016 in Ames, Iowa in The Scheman Building which is located in the Iowa State Center on the Iowa State University campus.

icec stand

How to Register

Please visit the ICEA’s website to register and learn more about this event. Just follow this link: http://register.extension.iastate.edu/icea




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