Lambing Barn Testimonial

Accu-Steel Fabric Covered Buildings recently sat down with one of our customers, Jim Danner, and discussed his use of his building as a Lambing Barn.

Jim has a 40×96 building that he used for lambing and he says it went really with no problems. He chose to use a hoop building, as opposed to a traditional barn for several reasons: 

  • Cost-efficient to construct
  • Natural light benefits the mood and health of the animals
  • Best space efficiency for storage
  • Easy to construct
  • Hay door allows hay to easily be brought in and provides ventilation

Having used Accu-Steel in past, Jim knew we offered a quality product that he utilized successfully. Accu-Steel being a local company was also a bonus point for Jim.

Danner’s Recommendations for an Accu-Steel Building

We asked Jim to let us know what he felt were the benefits of lambing in a hoop building. He was happy to share his impressions.

Jim liked the way that the roofing material allowed in the natural daylight, so that he didn’t have to use electric lights during the day. Visibility is great, making the lambing process easier. The building is also used to store hay in the back of the building and, since they can go up to the rafters, they are able to stack hay twice as deep as a traditional building.

He has had this building for over two years and happily recommends it to others for their agricultural needs. Contact Accu-Steel to learn more about our buildings and all the benefits they can provide to your farm or business.




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