Nebraska Farmer Features McLean Beef

Accu-Steel Crossover Buildings

McLean Beef and Crossover buildingsNebraska Farmer recently shared the story of Max and Jeanette McLean, owners of McLean Beef, who, in 2008, received approval to expand their operation. The McLeans spent the next two years working alongside family members and staff, touring feedlot operations, gathering and analyzing data, and formulating expansion plans.

The McLeans had multiple goals in their expansion. They wanted to expand feedlot numbers without taking additional land out of crop production that open lots would have required. They also wanted to avoid constructing another expensive waste lagoon or sediment basin. They wanted to do this while making the most efficient use of land and resources possible, continuing to protect the environment.

Multiple individuals worked together to identify the structures that would best fit the McLeans’ expansion goals — Tony Romshek, technical sales representative with Central Confinement Service Ltd.; Accu-Steel building solutions specialists; and the McLeans’ animal health manager, Lonnie Brown.

Today, the culmination of everyone’s efforts stand side by side on the McLean operation — two 80 ft. by 400 ft. Accu-Steel Crossover buildings that house the more than 1,600 head they prepare for market on a 150-day continuous cycle.




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