Recently Completed Projects

Salt Storage Buildings By Accu-Steel

Salt Storage pro advantage buildingThe Minnesota Department of Transportation recently added an Accu-Steel Crossover building to its new maintenance facility in Chaska, Minn. The 80’ x 140’ building will be used primarily for salt storage.

The City of Des Moines Department of Public Works recently completed construction of an additional Accu-Steel Building. The 84’ x 100’ Pro-Advantage building will be dedicated to salt storage.

Nebraska Department of Roads has a state-wide, multi-year contract with Accu-Steel that allows county municipalities to purchase buildings on equal terms. This contract has been active for four years, and in the last year alone has facilitated the installation of five salt storage buildings. The buildings include a 43’ x 80’ Advantage building, a 42’ x 64’ Advantage building, a 52’ x 75’ Pro-Advantage building, and two 60’ x 100’ Advantage buildings.




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