Optimize your Public Works Facility with a Fabric-Covered Building

Did you know you risk losing 20% annually of salt and sand stockpiles due to runoff, wind, rain, and other natural processes? Leaving salt and sand uncovered and exposed to the elements or storing it in the wrong building can lead to major problems. This is something your municipality likely cannot afford and doesn’t want to deal with.

Accu-Steel specializes in fabric-covered buildings for salt and sand storage. Our Integrity, Advantage, Pro-Advantage, and Crossover buildings are especially suited to your storage needs. Here are five ways our buildings make stockpile storage easier for your municipality:

  1. Withstands harsh conditions.

Traditional buildings often have leaking seams or are made with subpar materials that can lead to moisture entry and other issues that endanger your stockpiles. Our buildings are made with hot-dip galvanized steel that does not corrode, even in high-acidity environments. Additionally, our fabric covers are made of the most durable material on the market. Its Enduro-Loc™ technology prevents mold and rot so your stock stays dry, safe, and ready to use.

  1. Allows maximum storage.

Accu-Steel buildings feature clearspan construction, meaning there are no support beams. That provides ample space for equipment, inventory, and people under one roof. Trucks and tractors can easily move in, out, and around the building. 

Our flexible fabric-covered storage buildings allow us to customize your building to suit your municipality’s needs. Your public works facility can be the exact size you need, with access points where you need them. Choose options that will allow you to load from an attached portable conveyor system, or opt for dumping and pushing to load the building. 

Having the right space for the job enables employees to work more efficiently and effectively. When you have the exact facility you need, you’re limiting damage to your equipment and inventory, while minimizing workplace injuries.

  1. Saves time.

The cost and time to build a traditional storage facility aren’t always feasible, but Accu-Steel provides cost-effective solutions that can be installed quickly. And because we’re a Sourcewell approved provider, you can streamline the often lengthy RFP process and get the public works facility you need faster. 

Aside from project approvals and install time, Accu-Steel buildings save time for your employees, too. When you cover deicing materials with a tarp or are working with an inefficient building, it takes workers extra time to maneuver equipment, remove any protective coverings, load the trailer, and cover the stockpile again. Your workers will be able to access materials with ease when it’s stored in an Accu-Steel facility.

  1. Minimizes environmental impact.

Many areas have laws or guidelines regarding the environmental impact of stored commodities. Installing a storage facility will help you meet regulations regarding groundwater contamination. As a municipality, you know the importance of being a good steward of the environment. An Accu-Steel storage facility is a great way to protect your community from groundwater pollution. 

When you need a storage solution that will keep your municipality’s stockpiles safe and help your employees work more efficiently, look no further than Accu-Steel fabric-covered buildings. Our completely customizable building solutions stand up to harsh conditions, keep stockpiles safe, save time and effort, and help you protect the environment.

Want to know more? Fill out an inquiry form or give us a call at 877-947-4553 to get the conversation started.

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