How a 5th-Generation Cattle Operation Brought their Herd Under Roof

Eiberger Feeders of King City, Missouri, has been in operation for five generations. In order to continue this family tradition, they were looking for more efficient ways to care for their cattle.

The Eibergers were drawn to Accu-Steel’s Integrity Cattle building for 4 main reasons:

  1. Less upkeep. The low-maintenance structure would make life easier for the father-son team. Accu-Steel’s fabric does not mold or rot like conventional construction. In addition, its hot-dip galvanized steel ensures the trusses will not prematurely corrode, so the Eibergers will have minimal upkeep on their cattle structure.
  2. Affordability. The fabric-covered building was more affordable than a traditional steel building, which allowed them to add a working structure that makes everyday labor easier and more efficient.
  3. Durability. Eiberger Feeders’ cattle building has fabric with Enduro-Loc™ technology – the most durable fabric cover available on the market – to maintain a consistent environment, regardless of outside elements. Each Accu-Steel building is custom built based on regional snow and wind loads, so the Eiberger’s barn is ready to stand up to harsh Midwest weather.
  4. Customization. The Eibergers added features and customized their build to their exact needs, including:
    • Feed lanes on both sides of the building with J-bunk feeders on the inside and outside of the facility to ensure cattle are well fed.
    • A deep pit to lower manure management costs and reduce labor.
    • Dual eaves designed for Accu-Steel cattle buildings and a custom ridge ventilation system to create a dry environment with excellent air quality for cattle, keeping them clean, healthy, and out of harsh environmental elements year-round for improved herd performance.
See what the finished product looks like and hear from the Eibergers:

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