Partnering with Accu-Steel Dealers to Suit Your Needs | Rusty and Adam Sarver | Main Street Builders

Accu-Steel and its dealers are dedicated to finding fabric-covered buildings that are best suited for you and your operation. A prime example of this commitment is in Princeton, WV, where Rusty and Adam Sarver co-own and operate Main Street Builders.

For the last 20 years, these brothers have sold multiple styles of buildings, but recently committed to selling Accu-Steel products. “What initially drew us to Accu-Steel was the fact their products are American-made. We also appreciated that it is a family-owned company with an agricultural history — much like our own business. We have now been selling Accu-Steel products for the last eight months,” said Rusty.

In the short time the Sarvers have partnered with Accu-Steel, they’ve observed some noticeable benefits for their customers. “These products have low-impact on the building site and can be constructed quickly, along with having great warranty. The ideal price per square foot without much compromise on durability is also appreciated by our customers. Other bonuses I’ve heard people mention are the open-air feel and natural light they let in. Overall, Accu-Steel fabric-covered buildings lend themselves to different applications that other buildings don’t,” Rusty remarked.

The Sarvers have worked with a variety of customers in different industries — having formed relationships with livestock farms and others requiring storage for commodities, such as salt and chemicals. They have also attended county agency meetings (similar to ag trade shows) to explain the benefits of fabric-covered buildings to agriculture operations. “We put a lot of effort into meeting customers and getting personal relationships going. This involves seeing what their needs are and working together to find a building that truly suits them,” said Rusty.

One example of helping a customer find the right building was for a small West Virginia cattle farm, with approximately forty cows and calves. They needed hay storage (and fast). “We completed the hay shed for this customer in only six days. He was not only super impressed with the quick construction time, but also loved the natural light inside his new building. A comment the customer made was that he ‘couldn’t believe the bang for the buck’ he got with this Accu-Steel building,” explained Rusty.

Looking for someone to find a fabric-covered building best suited for you and your operation? Call 877-338-6936 to speak to a certified Accu-Steel dealer or visit www.AccuSteel.com for a free quote.




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