3 Reasons to Make a Year-End Investment in your Herd with a Fabric-Covered Cattle Building.

As 2023 comes to an end, there are some important financial decisions all business owners — including beef and dairy producers — need to make. 

You might be considering buying a new truck or a piece of equipment before the year ends. But there are effective investments you can make in your operation — ones that will benefit your farm for way longer than any truck or machine.

Here are three reasons why investing in the right housing for your livestock is one of the smartest year-end financial decisions you can make.

1. Improve cattle health and performance 

Producing healthy and happy cattle requires adequate shelter. But traditional cattle barns are expensive and take time to build — and they often don’t have the air flow and space needed to help cows feel comfortable.

The more stressed cattle become, the more susceptible they are to disease. That makes them less productive, which significantly impacts your bottom line.

2. Built for your business, no one else’s

When you partner with Accu-Steel to bring cattle under roof, you’re getting a fabric-covered building customized to your herd’s needs. This allows them to have plenty of space to roam without having to deal with harsh environmental conditions. 

Any size, any layout, any specifications you need, we can deliver. We conform to YOUR operation, not the other way around. Watch what we created for a 5th-generation cattle producer in Missouri, with the help of Central Confinement Services:

3. You could be covered by Christmas

We know the end of the year is a busy and stressful time. While other building materials or equipment are on backorder or impacted by supply chain issues, our building solutions are available right now. If you’re ready to get a jump on protecting your herd before the weather gets nasty, we’re ready to install a new building for you by year-end.

From one cattle farmer to another

What makes Accu-Steel different from any other fabric-covered building manufacturer? Accu-Steel was born and bred on a Century Farm. We started as farmers. We continue to farm because it’s our passion. We know your business, and we know cattle. Let us help keep your cattle healthy year-round, which will help you increase your bottom line for years to come.

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