The Best Hoop Barns for Cattle in the Midwest

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Hoop barns for cattle have become an increasingly popular option for cattle buildings over the past few years. Accu-Steel cattle buildings are specifically designed for beef operations and have many innovative qualities that make them desirable in the cattle industry.

In a hoop barn, the barn floor is typically made up of compacted soil, crushed limestone, or concrete. The walls are constructed of wood or concrete, and the hoop frame is made of galvanized steel. A strong, tensile fabric cover encases the trusses. The sides of the building are open, but a curtain can be raised or lowered to allow for greater control of the air flow. In the interior of the building, there are gates and bedding to keep the animals safe and dry.

Advantages of Hoop Barns for Cattle

1. Natural Light & Ventilation

The fabric cover on a hoop barn provides natural light and ventilation that traditional metal buildings don’t offer. This cuts costs in energy, lowers maintenance needs, and increases the health of your cattle as they are exposed to natural sunlight and healthy air flow.

2. Optimal space

Typically feed bunks are placed outside the wall, providing more space for your cattle inside the building. The interior of our cattle buildings is spacious enough for whatever layout you prefer for your operation – whether it’s cow/calf, feeders, or both. The steel trusses on Accu-Steel cattle hoop barns are complete with a large eave to prevent rainwater and snow from entering the bunk. The eave also greatly reduces feed waste.

3. Increased Cattle Health

As all cattle operation owners know, a dry cow is a happy cow. Fabric hoop barns are designed to keep your cattle healthy and dry with efficient weather protection and great air flow. They also allow for easy manure management. With these features, Accu-Steel fabric hoop barns are ideal for eliminating toxic fumes and illnesses.

Choose Accu-Steel for Cattle Hoop Barns

To get started with your free quote on a hoop barn for cattle, contact Accu-Steel today! Our team will work with you to provide you with the best cattle building for your specific needs.




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