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Through a combination of high-quality materials and a dedicated focus to details, Accu-Steel is establishing a reputation for constructing the best fabric-covered buildings supported by exceptional customer service. As an example of the company’s success with its customer base, several people are now employing Accu-Steel to perform repairs on competitors’ buildings.

Recently, Chris McCormick, a business owner southeast of Des Moines, Ia., purchased two buildings from an Accu-Steel competitor. The installation of these buildings, unfortunately, came with quite a bit of difficulty and disappointment. After discovering his relationship with the manufacturer and the company’s building standards didn’t meet his expectations — and construction was never fully completed — McCormick reached out to a friend to find a reputable company to finish and repair his new buildings.

Accu-Steel Gets the Right Job Done

McCormick received a referral to Accu-Steel and subsequently made a call hoping it would result in completed, functional buildings.

It didn’t take long for Accu-Steel to build trust with McCormick, proving a company can do a job right the first time. “I felt confident they would do what they promised and do it in a time-efficient manner,” McCormick said.

The buildings needed more than just minor repairs; in fact, one of the structures needed to be completely rebuilt. Problem areas included adjusting the straps, adding bolts for stability, adding flashing to prevent water from running into the building, and more. The original timeframe for construction of the buildings was approximately one year — to his surprise, Accu-Steel’s rebuild and repairs took less than a week.

commodity fabric covered building repair

When asked about the experience of working with Accu-Steel, McCormick replied, “Very good — they came and did exactly what they said they were going to do, fixed it, and did it correctly the first time without costing a ridiculous amount.”

McCormick has since considered a third fabric-covered building. “I wouldn’t even shop around,” he said. “Accu-Steel is the company I would call if I were to install another building.”

McCormick realizes more repairs may be needed in the future due to the initial substandard construction methods used by the original manufacturer. Luckily, though, he’s now found a trusted partner he can rely on for support.





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