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Hoop Building

Hoop buildings, or fabric buildings, are innovative and versatile structures. As a leading expert in the industry, Accu-Steel Inc. uses the highest-quality materials available to create our durable and sturdy hoop buildings. With a strong steel frame and an energy-efficient fabric cover, hoop buildings are used for many applications. Whether you’re in need of a building to store grain, farming equipment, or even an airplane, hoop buildings from Accu-Steel are an incredible choice. Our custom options allow you to create a building that perfectly suits your needs. Whatever reason you have for needing a hoop building, Accu-Steel has you covered!

Primary Advantages of Hoop Buildings from Accu-Steel Inc.

Hoop buildings have many advantages over traditional structures. Accu-Steel crafts premium fabric buildings using our innovative EnduroLoc™ fabric and hot-dipped galvanized steel. That means that your hoop building will withstand the harshest conditions without damage. Unlike permanent buildings, you have the ability to move or alter your structure to scale your operation. If you need more space, you don’t have to build a new structure:  With individual bay covers, Accu-Steel makes it easy to adjust structures to meet your growing demands. 

That’s not all! Hoop buildings offer advantages that include:

  • Cost-Effectiveness:  Accu-Steel hoop buildings are an incredible investment in your operation. Our buildings use fewer materials and take less time to construct than traditional structures, making them a more cost-effective option.
  • Durability:  Even though our structures are easy to relocate and reconstruct, they still offer the strength and durability of permanent buildings. We design and engineer materials with the ability to handle high winds, heavy snow loads, and extreme temperatures without deteriorating.
  • Energy-Efficiency:  Accu-Steel’s EnduroLoc™ fabric provides excellent insulation, maintaining a comfortable environment year-round. Our fabric keeps your building cool in the summer and warm in the winter without increasing your energy bills.
  • Natural Ventilation:  Particularly important for agriculture and livestock operations, our hoop buildings provide impressive natural ventilation. Your sheep, cattle, or swine remain protected against the elements while still receiving plenty of fresh air.

Choose Hoop Buildings from an Industry Leader

At Accu-Steel, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled products and services to our customers. Using professionally engineered materials, we construct fabric buildings that last for decades to come. When you invest in your operation with a hoop building, we want you to do so in confidence. That’s why we’re proud to offer an industry-leading warranty. 

From airplane hangars and boat storage to salt sheds and cattle barns, our hoop buildings are ideal. We’d love to help you choose the right building for your needs, so reach out to us today! Give us a call to speak with a friendly professional, or complete our online contact form to request additional information. 





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