From Customer to Dealer: Why Christopher Brown Trusts Accu-Steel Fabric-Covered Buildings

Christopher Brown grew up on a farm raising tobacco, corn, soybeans, and cattle. When he was 16, his grandfather gifted him with five heifers. Over the years, Brown has grown that herd to 250 cow/calf pairs. 

“I plan to continue growing my cattle operation, and that’s where Accu-Steel comes in,” Brown said. “Land prices have increased dramatically in the past few years to the point that buying land for cattle will not work. These barns allow me to nearly double my herd size with the same acreage.”

Brown, owner of Ridgeside Agricultural Services, first met with Accu-Steel in 2022. 

The Integrity Cattle building drew me in. The workmanship and attention to detail, along with the ability to customize any building profile to meet my needs, is what attracted me to it,” he said. “I looked at several other buildings and none held a match to the Accu-Steel design.”

As he had more conversations with Accu-Steel, he appreciated their supportive customer service. “They do not try to push any specific build on anyone. They want the customer to have the barn that fits their operation.”

Early in his relationship with Accu-Steel, Brown was invited to see a cattle building in action. “They told me to come out anytime, and they took the day to show me around,” he said. Accu-Steel owner, Jason Owen, also made himself available during Brown’s decision-making process.

“Jason was very involved in a lot of meetings,” Brown said. “I have talked with him on the phone several times, and he has always told me to call him anytime. He’s come out to my operation and met with local producers.” 

The ease of communication has been what sets Accu-Steel apart for Brown. “I have never called and been left hanging,” he said.

Brown liked working with Accu-Steel so much that he eventually became a dealer himself. His most recently completed project was a 67’ x 208’ Integrity Cattle building project that will handle 120 to 130 cow/calf pairs. 

With head catches on both sides of the barn, a single person will be able to easily and safely give the herd secluded vaccinations. Creep gates were installed around the barn, allowing small calves to exit and enter the barn as they please. With watering troughs and feed bunks on each side of the building, cattle get equal access to food and water.

While Brown often works with customers in the construction and wholesale/warehousing industries, he takes particular pride in giving back to his farming peers.

“I am a farmer, and I want my community and other farmers to have the best products for success,” Brown said.

Are you interested in a fabric-covered building that will perfectly suit you and your operation? Call 877-338-6936 to speak with a certified Accu-Steel dealer, or fill out an inquiry form to get the conversation started.

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