Satisfied Accu-Steel Customer Touts Building in Ag Magazine

Fabric-Covered Building Pleases Producer

cattle barns from accu-steelBy Barry Amundson, Reporter

“Fabric-covered building pleases producer” reads the headline from a regional agriculture magazine, featuring a customer testimonial for Accu-Steel fabric covered buildings. Read an excerpt from the article below, then get the full story as it appeared in Tri-State Neighbor magazine.

Excerpt from Tri-State Neighbor magazine – June 27, 2014 Edition

Ellsworth, Minn., farmer Aric Leuthold said his cattle seem remarkably relaxed in his new fabric-covered confinement building just north of the family farm’s tree grove on the far corner of a cornfield.

The 272-foot by 46-foot structure with two pens has a capacity of 250 cattle.

The 24-year-old Leuthold, who has a 50-50 partnership with his dad, Carl, starts feeding 300-pound Holstein calves in the building and finishes them until they are taken to slaughter in Dakota City, Neb.

“I just never imagined a building where they would be so comfortable. It’s shaded, and they don’t get all worked up,” he said.

The structure was manufactured by western Iowa-based Accu-Steel Inc., which has almost 20 years of experience in engineering fabric-covered buildings. The company, with offices and its plant near Templeton and Carroll, touts its buildings as being ideal for the fed cattle industry.

Leuthold would agree.

Read the full story to hear more from Leuthold about the benefits of his cattle operation and why he would recommend an Accu-Steel cattle building or agriculture building to others – and another one for himself.

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